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We're here to help states meet CSBG accountability measures.

CSBG Reporter™ software aligns with CSBG rules and regulations, including ROMA Next Generation, and provides both State Managers and Community Agencies with turn-key monitoring and reporting tools related to state level CSBG grant management. A 100% online application, CSBG Reporter™ makes collection, aggregation, data management and assessment easier and more efficient.

We provide the IT support, you provide the mission.

No IT support is required on your end! We provide user training and support, technology infrastructure, Microsoft licensing, and secure, cloud based data management and storage. Our software is priced to be affordable, with costs based on the number of agencies your state supports, and the number of modules your state wishes to deploy.

With CSBG Reporter software, state-level CSBG Managers can efficiently track, in real time, how effective your state’s eligible entities are in meeting both public or private organizational standards. Get a birds-eye view of who your programs are serving with our demographic reporting solution, or monitor progress towards meeting National Performance Indicators.

Pick and choose your modules. Only pay for what you need.

Organizational Standards

Demographic Reporting

Budget & Expentitures

Community Action Plans & NPIs

Organizational Standards Module

  • Easily drag and drop files for agency submission
  • One-click to add files and citations to existing documentation
  • Icons alerts users to areas that need attention, or to files, reports, or messages that are NEW since their last login
  • Staff can mark these as “complete” “incomplete” or “ongoing” after review
  • Archived communication to help protect you in case of an audit
  • States can attach a TAP (Technical Assistance Plan) which provides guidance for programs to get back to compliance
  • System tools help entities that have reached compliance go beyond compliance, demonstrating best practices that can be replicated and shared
  • Module can be used for both public and private CAAs

Total Agency Progress: Standard 1.3


Community Action Plans & National Performance Indicators (NPIs) Module

  • Enter locality, then “needs”
  • Enter gaps and linkages
  • Add strategic goals
  • Create your family and community programs
  • Dashboard view: Link NPIs to Programs
  • Pop up screen: Enter NPI detail, submit for approval
  • Approve or reject progress report
  • Set up your CAA/CAP Administrators
  • Set up your state manager users
  • Create and post messages for both user groups
  • Built in help ticketing system, tickets go right to our support desk staff
  • Dashboard view: Always see the status of each NPI

Demographic Reporting Module

  • Collect demographics  on agencies, families and/or individuals
  • Simplify data collection across multiple CAA partners 
  • Both individual and family demographics can be tracked by CAAs and across all CAAs in your state (“aggregate reports”) 

Aggregate your data.

Number of People Served

Budget & Expenditures Module

  • Agencies enter budget, budget modifications, and expenditures, as needed
  • States review budget, budget modification and expenditures submitted by their CAAs
  • Email and on-screen notifications sent out if any budget, budget modification, or expense report is marked as needing attention by a State Manager
  • Expense carryover from previous year is automatic
  • Flexible enough to accommodate other funding sources (or focus solely on CSBG)
  • All columns and line items can be easily customized 
  • Optional: Submit TANF detailed expenditures (if TANF or other funding sources are required)